WNBA 2022 Viewership Record and Record Breaking Stats


Who says that people don’t watch WNBA? WNBA has seen soaring numbers this season that wasn’t even in people’s wildest imagination two decades ago. The recent playoff viewership of the WNBA has broken the decades-old record. The previous month’s stats are spectacular for WNBA and were the best in 14 years. However, there are plenty more milestones that WNBA achieved this season.

First up, WNBA records its most watched playoffs in two decades with an average viewership number of 439000 in 19 games on ESPN. The semifinals between Storm and Aces and Sky and Sun averaged a whopping 488,000. This number is the highest since 2010. However, the game that topped the charts was game 3 between Aces and Storm on ABC. The game has millions of eyes glued to the screens with an average of 905,000 and with a peak of 1.4 million.

Moreover, the regular WNBA season has brought a 16% increase in viewership year over year. This shows that WNBA is a sport with a solid fanbase that is increasing every year. The upcoming broadcasting deals will skyrocket keeping in view the promise and passion this league shows. WNBA’s deal will end with ESPN in 2025, currently, its worth is $25 million per year.

Talking about the upcoming media broadcast deal in a couple of years, WNBA commissioner Cathy Englebert said that the next media deal is “probably the most important business issue” she is working on and is “optimistic we’ll get something favorable.”

The stats are favorable for WNBA and it shows that people are taking interest in the game. Keeping in view the promising records and stats, the next WNBA season will feature 40 games. Moreover, the WNBA could also announce the expansion of teams by the end of this year. The possible expansion will have teams from 10 cities.

Another promising figure, which shows rising interest in WNBA, is a massive increase in WNBA betting wallets. According to Englebert, “We had a 270% jump in WNBA bet counts this year,” Engelbert said. “More women are betting, and our fan base skews [toward] women, younger, more digital-native.”

Last week, the league renewed its deal with FanDuel. Engelbert said she “would love to have more betting partners.”

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