With the New Approach: Darvin Ham Talks About Anthony Davis’ Practising Habits



Anthony Davis’ practising habits didn’t seem to bother Darvin Ham significantly.

Darvin talked about practicing habits:

“I feel the exact opposite. Being a guy that played eight years in the league and had deep playoff runs with teams, there’s that time at the end of the year that you have to take care of your body. All the pounding, the jumping, the running, especially when you’ve dealt with an array of injuries like Anthony has, you have to take time for your body, focus on your body and that’s what he’s doing. Picking up a basketball, that usually happens in the middle of summer”.

Ham won his maiden public appearance with his steady yet powerful approach, describing how he expects to carry one of sports’ most stressful jobs. Whether Ham’s visions will come true or not remains to be seen, but one thing is certain: there will be a massive change.

Apart from the fresh faces who will fill those few spots on the Lakers bench upcoming season, Ham seeks to transform the Lakers’ culture, game style, and give them whatever they missed most this season – an identification. The guy the Lakers have entrusted with leading them to the summit represents the qualities they missed this season: responsibility, tenacity, patience, and dedication.

Lakers with the New Approach

Every team takes on the personality traits of its head coach. Vogel was indeed a soft-spoken, defensive coach who struggled to make things work with the ill-fitting, defensively challenged group he was given. The Lakers’ lack of personality last season was due to these failings in efficiency and coherence.

The Lakers were a messy disaster last season, there’s no denying it. This is all going to change now that Ham is in command, at all on the court.

A New System

Darvin Ham also detailed the “360-degree” coaching approach he intends to use with his new team. The days of a haphazard attack guided by the expectation of a nightly superstar takeover are long gone. After building a defense-first identity, Ham stated that he intends to use a “four-out, one-in” attacking strategy. philosophy is similar to Vogel’s, in that he realized that the best way for the offence to catch fire is for the defense to generate stops.

The Lakers will face each matchup under Ham with a comprehensive strategy aimed at winning on both ends of the court.

The Darvin Ham era has gotten off to a great start, particularly given the Lakers’ handling of the coaching search and hiring process. Los Angeles not only landed the greatest available name on the market. They also apparently promised him a profitable contract, unlike Vogel.

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