Will Anunoby’s Injury Cost The Knicks?

Anunoby’s Injury

The ongoing saga of Anunoby’s injury has become a rollercoaster ride for the Knicks, raising eyebrows and sparking debate among fans and analysts alike.

Will Anunoby’s Injury Cost The Knicks?

It all started after Anunoby, a starter for the previous champions, Toronto Raptors, moved to the very competitive New York Knicks on December 30th with a storyline that has been undeniably captivating, with twists and turns that could rival a Hollywood script.

The beginning, the team did not recognize the impact of Anunoby, but with that they were able to go on an exceptional run of 15-2 in January, led to the Eastern Conference top position which was in contention. They go through the rough patch but as the team looks ready to survive disaster stuck as Anunoby suffered an elbow injury. He just became the latest of a long list of players who are currently sidelined for the Knicks.

But Anunoby experienced persistent symptoms from the underlying injury, which resulted in him being withdrawn from the court less than a week after a victorious return on March 12. From there, it has been one step at a time for the Knicks, the only sure thing has been taking it gently with his injury in hopes of having Anunoby back for the playoffs.

The preexistence of nerves and apprehension is making fans wonder if he will be able to perform at the level of expectation in the most critical moments too. The main TV NBA Jourdan Weiss, writting on Knicks strategy, told that the team aims is building to the future and Anunoby’s health is not the matter of now.

The pulls have been brought to light which is now not just about being physically fit but also the existing fear about winning the matches. For others, the Knicks would make a mistake by benching him for the remaining season game because he will only be in top shape after a period of full recovery to return to the court at full strength.

Though the Knicks now seem to be having trouble, they are yet to lose their hopes to fight till the end and have a chance to raise their position in the East playoffs. Not to mention, Raptors‘ weakness without Anunoby in the lineup turned out to be a huge question about their chance to beat the most sophisticated basketball teams of the league.

With the playoffs fast approaching, the Knicks face a crucial decision: Do they want to Reinjury him again and get him on the court or take the risk of giving his health the utmost importance? Whatever they decide, one thing is certain: it becomes a hard task for the Knicks to achieve a deep playoff run and eventually making it through the postseason, and the Anunoby’s availability becomes a decisive key to their success.

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