What is the NBA Pre-Season? A Guide to the NBA Pre-Season

nba pre season 2022

The NBA pre-season begins a month before the regular season, typically in the month of October. However, it can alternatively begin in September too. Prior to the start of the regular season at the beginning of October, a team may play between three and six games. In order to play exhibition games against teams from such regions, some clubs even go to China or Europe.

There is no championship game or player or team-specific honors given during the pre-season. Although the NBA Playoffs would have ended four months prior to this, think of the NBA Pre-season as a warm-up to the NBA Regular Season. The players’ return to basketball mode is worked on throughout the preseason. Here is where a coach can assess a player’s potential for some rookies and try out for a squad.

Why is NBA Pre-Season Important?

Prior to the start of the season, this is where teams that took the summer off will get back into playing shape and develop team cohesion. Coaches will complete their rosters at this point by eliminating any players who they feel don’t fit with their team. That is after the inclusion of fresh draught picks and recruits for an NBA team.

While some players are only trying to shake off the rust following a summer hiatus, others are on the verge of being cut from the squad.

Because the regular season is such a grueling slog, star players only play a small number of preseason minutes. While some players will play only one game, others will play several. While winning is not as crucial as getting the club ready for the regular season, coaches may concentrate on what the players bring to the table.

Does the Stats Count in the Regular Season?

The NBA has just started keeping track of preseason statistics for a player and team, despite the fact that individual data are not taken into account during the regular season, as we already explained.

These stats do not factor into a player’s regular season numbers. In other words, if a player scores 30,000 points in the NBA throughout the course of his or her career, the preseason points are not included in that total.

Preseason games are essentially meaningless and do not count. Obviously, you will desire to win if you are a competitor. Teams don’t enter a game expecting to lose. However, coaches won’t give up their best players to try to win a preseason game. No matter how close a game is, most coaches want star players to play a certain number of minutes per game.

The Number of Games in Pre-Season

A team will typically play 3 to 6 games in the pre-season before the regular season. A team will typically face the same team twice in a row. Preseason games have substantially less expensive tickets than games during the regular season. This is a fantastic way to take the family out on the town at a low cost.

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