What is meant by the Tanking Process in NBA?

Tanking Team in the NBA

The art of tanking involves intentionally fielding a weak team with the goal of losing games and obtaining high draft picks. In the end, practically everyone concurs that in the modern NBA, your team needs a truly exceptional player to win a championship. Tanking seeks to acquire this player with the first overall choice in the draft. Additionally, in the end, to win a championship with the core built through tanking.

Since it has gotten harder and harder to win an NBA championship, the tactic has grown in popularity. Tanking teams, once seen as “sports’ dirty little secret,” now operate openly and hardly put on any air of subterfuge. Some teams, like the Philadelphia 76ers, even make it the centerpiece of their whole marketing strategy. They do it by rallying their supporters around the prospect of signing a franchise player in the future.

For tanking teams, passing the optics test is only the first challenge. They continue to bet despite losing at the lottery or failing to turn high picks into long-term profit. The renovation frequently falls short of expectations, leaving disappointed and alienated fans. But when a front office successfully creates a long-lasting competitor, it appears to have been worth the wait, and everything is forgotten.

5 Reasons Tanking Must Be Banned in the NBA

Even though the NBA lottery was created to stop teams from tanking games, there are still certain teams who try to get an advantage. They tip the odds in their favor. Although a No. 1 place is not a given, you still have a better chance of getting a higher pick if you lose. There are several teams that continue to engage in this embarrassing habit, and it occurs every year.

Let’s examine five reasons why a team giving up on everything at the start of the season is bad for the NBA. Also, all the components that are impacted.

  1. Unfair to Fans
  2. Aiding Opponents in Playoff Seeding
  3. Pointless in the NBA
  4. Limits the Potential of the Current Roster
  5. Dignity
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The NBA’s Tanking Problem is More of a Perception than Reality and Relegation Can’t Fix That

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