What is GB in Basketball?


GB is an acronym used in Basketball to investigate the playoff berths of teams in the NBA. It is abbreviated as “Games Back” or “Games Behind.” The GB value represents the number of games trailed by any team in the NBA from its divisional leader. GB values vary by 0.5 per game played per team. All the major league around the world uses a definite system of sorting teams from the best to the worst, the same as the NBA uses the GB and PCT system. Teams got ranked based on their winning percentage and games back. It is helpful in calculating the eligibility to play in the playoffs of the NBA.

Two teams can have the same GB value if the number of wins and played games are equal. If two teams have the same GB value, it is a tiebreaker. According to the NBA rules, the tiebreaker for the playoffs berth is as follows:

  1. Better winning percentage in games against each other
  2. The division leader wins a tie over a team not leading a division
  3. Division won-lost percentage. (only if teams are in the same division)
  4. Conference won-lost percentage

The GB system allows the teams to calculate their chances of making the playoffs or for home court advantage. GB is crucial to understanding the overall success or failure of a team. GB is probably a more significant statistic than the exact win and loss total because it is irrelevant whether you have 45 wins or 65 wins as long as a team remains in the trot of playoff teams within its conference.


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