What is Cherry Picking in Basketball?


Cherry picking in Basketball

A basketball player away from the ball and closer to the offensive hoop than the defensive hoop is said to be cherry-picking in Basketball. Typically, a cherry picker will position himself around the half-court line or behind the opponent’s basket in the hopes that one of their teammates will pick up the ball and pass it to them. Cherry picking most frequently happens when the man-to-man defender is away from the hoop. the player at the top of the zone decides to abandon their assignment early.

Cherry-picking is not a restricted tactic, but it does put their team at a deficit on defense. Their team will have only four players defending five offensive players as a result of cherry-picking.


Cherry picking has one major benefit. If the team can halt the offensive and regain control of the ball, they can take a long pass to a teammate who is close to the opponent’s goal for a potentially simple basket. Cherry picking has the apparent advantage of making it simpler to score some points in transition if a player is already all the way downcourt.


Cherry picking isn’t promoted by both teammates and opponents since it implies indifference toward teammates. It can be seen as a poor sportsmanship approach toward opponents.

A player that is cherry-picking has no possibility of snagging a defensive rebound, denying the person they are defending the opportunity to score, or even opening up a scoring opportunity. Additionally, if they are unable to get the rebound, the team will have to play 4-on-5 until the cherry picker comes back to assist, which will increase the likelihood that their opponents will strike.

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