What Does -2 Point Spread Mean in Basketball?


The point spread, also known as “the line” or “the spread” is a betting style used in basketball and football. A point spread is the number of points a sportsbook assign to the teams handicapping the favorite team to win the game. In order to win the bet, the teams must win by or stay within the assigned numbers. The favorite team’s spread is written with a negative sign, while the underdog’s spread is written with a positive sign.

If you bet on the favorite one, the team has to win the game by more than the number assigned by the sportsbook, but you will lose the bet if the team loses the game or win by fewer points than the predicted one. For example, if you bet on a team with a -3 spread, you will win the bet if the team wins the game by more than three points. If not, you will lose the stake. Meanwhile, if you bet on the underdogs, you will lose the bet if the team lost the game by more points than the spread, but you will win the wager if the team won, tied, or lost the match by fewer points. For example, to win the bet with a spread of +3, you will need the team to win, tie, or loss the game by less than three points.

What Does a -2 Spread Mean?

A -2 spread means that the favorite team will win more than two points. If you bet on that, then to win the stake, the team needs to win the game by more than two points. But if they win the game by less than two points or lose the matchup, you will lose the wager.

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