Warriors Draymond Green Criticizes NBA GMs For His Low Selection

Warriors Draymond Green Criticizes NBA GMs For His Low Selection

Golden State Warriors’ standout player, Draymond Green criticizes NBA GMs and continues to harbor frustration over his relatively low selection in the 2012 NBA Draft from Michigan State University’s basketball team.

In the realm of the NBA Draft, occurrences of players falling below expectations are not uncommon, both for athletes and seasoned spectators of the sport. Despite showcasing exceptional talent during pre-draft workouts, some players failed to experience a meteoric rise in their draft prospects. This phenomenon has led to the absence of numerous all-time greats in the draft lottery selections. Furthermore, several individuals who eventually demonstrated unparalleled talents carried a chip on their shoulders due to their draft positioning. Draymond Green stands as a prime example of such a player, as he continues to carry that sense of determination from his draft experience. He firmly believes that the Golden State Warriors should not have selected him from Michigan State University’s basketball roster.

Athletes who are chosen in the latter part of the second round in the NBA Draft are often referred to as hidden gems. In the 2012 NBA Draft, Draymond Green occupied this category, eventually being selected as the 35th overall pick by the Warriors on which Draymond Green criticizes NBA GMs. Reflecting on this, the former Defensive Player of the Year and multi-time champion entertains the idea that his draft position could have been higher. During an episode of the “Podcast P Show” hosted by Wave Sports+ Entertainment, Draymond discussed his sentiments with fellow NBA player Paul George.

In expressing his views, Draymond Green asserted,“Most [GMs] are pretty f*cking dumb. I dominated the workouts. It was baffling to me that I fell in the draft,” Green said about playing with revenge in his eyes as a Michigan State basketball standout. Draymond also outlined the reasons some teams did not draft him, “They said, ‘He’s too short to be a 4, he’s too slow to be a 3.”


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