Video Game: NBA 2k22 Review; Notable Updates and Enhancements

NBA 2k22 Game Review

NBA 2k22 Video Game

This year, NBA 2k22 worked on a long list of features, including smoother gameplay, more precise and responsive motion, more skill-based offensive, and significant modifications to the player builder. No matter which PS version you use this year, you’re going to receive a brand-new experience since they worked very hard to make sure they were offering the same quality gameplay updates on both PS5 and PS4.

NBA 2K22 Defense

Giving players the means to significantly alter the course of the game on the court and at the rim was the defense’s main objective. They wanted you to be able to clamp down on the dribbler and force a pass if you were a terrific perimeter defender with good anticipation.

Next Gen Defending

Floor defenders will find that body-up rides and bumps feel considerably more satisfying thanks to the haptic input of the PS5 Controller. As a result of enhancements to foot-planting, shifts, jumps, stops and cuts all feel much sharper, and PS5 players will notice a lot less sliding on both ends of the floor.

Another key area of focus for next-generation AI was defense. Defenders now have more consistency in their placement, regardless of how far they are from the basket, thanks to the new on-ball defensive positioning theory.

NBA 2k22 Shooting Update

For NBA 2K22, shooting has undergone numerous modifications. There is a new shot meter with a make window that changes size automatically. This window will expand if you’re shooting well with competent shooters, but it will close if you’re being closely pursued, shooting with a poor shooter, or you’re tired. Ones who seek out open looks and take wise shots will succeed far more than teams that force poor attempts. The new shooting mechanics have undergone extensive focus group testing with players of all skill levels, and we think they deliver the best shooting experience in NBA 2K.

NBA 2k22 Guarding System

In NBA 2K22, they’ve updated the guarding system and are now providing rim defenders additional resources to produce outstanding saves at the rim. Additionally, they’ve introduced timing meters to both extreme skill dunk and alley-oop tries on PS5. You must press the Shot Button precisely when an alley pass is in the air to complete the point. Additionally, holding Sprint and pushing straight down on the Pro Stick will initiate the powerful skill dunks on the dunking side.

Takeover Perks, Builds, and Badges

Takeover Perks is a brand-new MyPLAYER upgrade that is available only on the PS5. You can discover and use these modifiers to make your current Takeover skills stronger! It’s a terrific addition to the Takeover framework that offers a layer of depth and technique to how you fight online, but we won’t reveal them as we want them to be a surprise.

We set out to make games that were enjoyable and competitive for everyone. We are motivated by the enthusiasm of the community for 2K, and many of our innovations have been requested by you.

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