Victor Wembanyama’s Expensive After-Play Festivity

Wembanyama's Expensive After-Play

It all started when San Antonio Spurs’ Luka Doncic missed a crucial free throw that would have tied up the game against the New York Knicks. A penalty was called leading to yet another shot from the line this time for the Knicks’ big man, Victor Wembanyama. With their hearts in their throats, the fans watched on as Wembanyama made both his shots, ensuring the win for their team. The pro league booked him off for the $25,000 fine that he received for tossing the game ball among the fans due to aggression, which was expensive for the Wembanyama’s expensive after-play.

Victor Wembanyama’s Expensive After-Play Festivity

Wembanyama found himself in a standout performance when he recorded 40 points, 20 rebounds and seven assists. Such a spectacle has probably never been seen on court. While the buzzer continued to ring, and the arena becoming a roaring home crowd, he had the ball in his hands, then he threw it in the opposite direction which didn’t give rise to everyone’s approval.

In seconds, the critics came in to condemn Wembanyama for what appeared to be his “carefree” approach of throwing away the ball with the background noise that was purposely or unwisely made public that seeing Jalen Brunson “showcase” 61 points. The ball after a known player’s triumph as his precious momentunfortunately, was taken away by the enthusiastic fan replicated the famous event happened with Giannis Antetokounmpo, who ended up running out of the court after his match against Pacers to rescue the game’s ball that he was deeply attached to.

Although this gesture was coming not from evil but from clarity, the regulations of the NBA don`t leave much space for room of doubts. It is the rule making that, when purposeful, the player arouses a reasonable equivocation of ejection in the course of the game, but symptoms of a lightness in the punishment bore credit before.

The towering 7-footer gave a deadpan answer to the reporter’s question if he would refund the money lost to the basketball. When asked why he wasn’t planning on paying for it, he sarcastically responded by saying that someone else would pay for the bill. While they might be highly excited about the $25,000 prices requested by some league, when the money is gone from their bank account, the talent will have a different perspective on the whole issue! Despite his sizable $12.1 million yearly pay, this fine will probably leave him in some pain.

Wembanyama has to put a leash on his celebrations within the borders of a court as not any more hits with disobey rules of NBA league have to be had. This is true because really professional basketball is not only that the one who win but that who win without paying a high price maybe also.

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