Utah Jazz is Looking for a Possible Trade to Get Donovan Mitchell Home


Adrian Wojnarowski claims that the Utah Jazz has indicated a readiness to consider trade offers for the All-Star, Donovan Mitchell.

Earlier this month, the Jazz had publicly announced that they wanted to start the season with Rudy Gobert, and shortly after that, he got traded. Now with Donovan Mitchell, it appears like the same situation is playing out as the Jazz has been signaling for a long that they wanted to build around Mitchell. Although the trade will cost the Jazz a hefty amount of money, they seem promising to sign the young lad, who is just entering his heydays.

Meanwhile, on the other hand, Tony Jones suggests that the New York Knicks are also potentially interested contenders for trading Donovan Mitchell.

However, the Knicks were under speculation for at least a year but considering their early efforts to get Jalen Brunson from the Mavericks, it is difficult to not think of a trade on the table together. Meanwhile, talking Knicks assets, they are full of young talents to provide a possible trade for the All-Star.

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