Utah Jazz Assistant Coach Jason Terry Accused in $25000 Watch Saga

Utah Jazz Assistant Coach Jason Terry Accused in $25000 Watch Saga

The offseason has brought unexpected controversy to a member of the Utah Jazz coaching staff. Recent reports have placed a Utah Jazz assistant coach in the midst of a legal dispute. Jason Terry accused in $25000 watch saga, a seasoned NBA veteran now serving as an assistant coach, is facing allegations of failing to fulfill an agreement to purchase a Rolex watch.

According to the unfolding narrative, Eric Mavachev, a prominent jeweler based in New York, temporarily lent the Rolex to Terry over the summer for an outing at Drai’s, a Las Vegas nightclub. After the event, Terry expressed his desire to acquire the watch instead of returning it.

Jason Terry Accused in $25000 Watch Saga

Both parties reached an agreement for Terry to buy the Rolex for the substantial sum of $25,000. However, according to the New York Post, the coach from the Utah Jazz never actually transferred the funds, with the jeweler ultimately covering the watch’s cost:

“On July 10, Terry, 45 — who also played on the Atlanta Hawks, Boston Celtics and Dallas Mavericks — texted Mavachev asking for his bank account information, saying he’d wire the money on July 13, the court papers claim.”

“But the money never came and the 2011 NBA Champion never returned the wristwatch, the suit claims. Terry also ghosted Mavachev in a message from the next day saying he never received the funds, the filing alleges.”

Mavachev reportedly intends to take legal action against Terry to recover the full payment for the watch. Nevertheless, there has been no communication from Jason Terry, known as “The Jet,” since the conclusion of the 30-day grace period stipulated in their contractual agreement.

Terry assumed a coaching role with the Utah Jazz in 2022, following his leadership of the Denver Nuggets’ G-League affiliate, the Grand Rapids Gold, in the previous season. His transition to NBA coaching followed a successful 19-year career in the league, including an NBA championship win with the Dallas Mavericks in 2011.

While this development is still in its early stages, specific details about the impending lawsuit and any response from Jason Terry’s camp have not yet emerged.


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