Tragic Loss of Nilay Aydogan: A Stalwart Athlete Remembered

Tragic Loss of Nilay Aydogan: A Stalwart Athlete Remembered

Tragic Loss of Nilay Aydogan: A Stalwart Athlete Remembered

In a devastating turn of events, Nilay Aydogan, a prominent player for the Turkey National Team, met an untimely demise under the rubble in Malatya during the recent earthquakes centered in Kahramanmaras. The seismic activity wreaked havoc in surrounding provinces, and Aydogan tragically lost her life in the aftermath, leaving the basketball community in mourning.

The calamitous news adds to the escalating death toll in Turkey and Syria, further emphasizing the widespread impact of the earthquake. Nilay Aydogan, known for her prowess on the basketball court, has now become another victim of the destructive forces that have swept through the region.

Aydogan, a national player for Cankaya University and a valued member of the Women’s Basketball Super League, was not alone in her tragic fate; her grandmother, Hacer Aydogan, also succumbed to the earthquake. The 30-year-old athlete had recently returned to Cankaya University for the current season, and the weekend visit to her grandmother’s apartment turned into a heart-wrenching ordeal as she found herself trapped beneath the debris. Compounding the tragedy, her grandmother had passed away just a few days before the earthquake.

Nilay Aydogan’s basketball journey was marked by dedication and skill, having represented various teams over the years. Beginning with Turkey’s youth teams, she played in the Turkish second division with Osmaniye, Yalova, and Mersin. Her recent return to Cankaya University, where she played from 2018 to 2019, showcased her commitment to the sport. Aydogan also left her mark on the Samsun team.

The Turkish Basketball Federation, in response to the devastating news, released a poignant statement expressing their condolences:

“We have received the grievous news of the passing of Nilay Aydogan, the national player of Çankaya University, a team in the ING Women’s Basketball Super League, in the earthquake disaster. Our heartfelt condolences go out to her family, relatives, and the basketball community. May the departed soul rest in peace.”

As the basketball community and fans come to terms with the tragic loss of Nilay Aydogan, her legacy as a skilled athlete and dedicated team player will undoubtedly be remembered. The echoes of her contributions to the sport will resonate as a testament to her passion for basketball, even as the community mourns the irreplaceable void left by her untimely departure.


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