Top 10 NBA Jersey Designs of All Time

Utah Jazz Jersey 2022

Basketball jerseys in the NBA have a history of being vibrant. NBA teams like to switch up their uniforms frequently, sometimes even for a single game, unlike teams in other sports leagues, like the NFL.

It kind of makes sense to have more variation, when there are 82 games on the schedule. Moreover, with so many iconic uniforms in the game’s past, we thought it’d be fun to compile a list of the top NBA jerseys from both the present and the past.

Obviously, a list like this is subjective and cannot be considered reality, but it may still be a fun trip down memory lane and cause some conflicting feelings in some people.

  1. Miami Heat (Miami Vice)

Personally, I would love for this jersey to come back, it is brilliant in all senses. The color patterns are so lit and the feel of Miami has been embedded in these jerseys.

  1. LA Lakers (Hollywood Night)

Can you really ever go wrong with black? The combo of black and yellow has a song written about it and you know why? Because it’s the BOMB!

  1. Utah Jazz (Mountain Jersey)

A jersey from the Golden 90s, there is something about the era that had that feel to it and this jersey is just the same. It has that nice and cozy feel to it.

  1. Philadelphia 76’s

Another black jersey on the list guys, I don’t know there’s something devilishly classy about these dark jerseys. The swag factor is real here!

  1. Timberwolves’ (Prince’s Purple Rain)


Prince was a legendary musician. He was also a huge basketball lover, especially of the Timberwolves, and a native of Minnesota. As a result, in 2019, the team made the decision to pay tribute to him by creating uniforms that reflected his love of the color purple, they became one of the sexiest NBA jerseys in the history of the game.

  1. Vancouver Grizzlies (Sky is Blue)

What can I say, everything about this jersey screams ‘good job sir’! The font, the color patterns and how the team looked while wearing these blue shirts was all on point. Sadly, we haven’t seen something this good from them for a while now, at least a decade.

  1. Atlanta Hawks jerseys (1996-1997)

Do you say badass jersey? Is this what you mean? If not, get your eyes checked boy. These may have not been the most popular of Jersey from the Hawks, but these Jersey certainly gave the Hawks a way to look more intimidating.

  1. Miami Heats (White Hot)

This is one jersey that even I want so badly to own after looking at it. The Miami players had the black on black and the white on white Jersey as well, those lucky scamps.

  1. New York Knicks (City Edition)

This jersey has such a classic feel to it and you can never go wrong with this kind of combination.

  1. Chicago Bulls (Michael Jordan’s pinstripes)

The Bulls have always had some of the best jerseys in the game and this one is amongst the very best. I love the fact that the legendary M-J played in these stripes.


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