The Reason Boston Celtics Won the Game 1 against the Favorites

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An amazing start to the NBA Finals Series as the Celtics surprised everyone with a jaw-dropping comeback in the game’s fourth quarter. Several of the basketball experts were of the view that the Celtics can’t even win a single game let alone the title. However, with the way the Celtics pulled out a stunning win, many are scratching their heads.

The win resulted in a well-coordinated team effort despite all the challenges Celtics are facing. Throughout the game, the Warriors dominated the Celtics, and it seemed that the game will go in the favor of Golden State. Little did everyone know that the fourth quarter had a tremendous comeback in store.

Warriors Dominance Continued

Warriors sealed the first quarter of the game with Steph Curry leading the pack with a spectacular offensive show. He fired six 3 pointers in his offensive onslaught. Despite Curry’s amazing run, the Celtics were behind by only four points. The second and third quarters also saw the Warriors taking the lead but the lead wasn’t a massive one. The Celtics were trailing by 14 points at the end of the third

The comeback

The Celtics’ gameplay in the fourth quarter was impressive, the comeback resulted in the Celtics utterly dominating the Warriors in the last 12 minutes of the game. The Greens outscored the Warriors by 40-16 and ended up with a 120-108 win in Game 1 of the NBA Finals.

Though surprisingly, Tatum had little to no contribution to 40 points exploding lead. However, he played his part in assisting his teammates and reading the opposition’s gameplay.

Boston Celtic’s coach Udoka said, “We pride ourselves on everybody being able to contribute on both ends,” Boston coach Ime Udoka said. “That’s rewarding — especially on a night when your best guy has an off night. Others step up. Some of the starters on the bench, other guys are playing great.”

Coming into the finals, the Celtics team has no one in the squad with NBA Finals experience. Moreover, the injury challenge which filled the Celtics bench also posed a huge problem. Nevertheless, the Celtics is a team known for its resilience and overcoming odds. Despite the lack of experience and some of the top players, the Celtics didn’t show any sign of nervousness.

The Boston coach added, “Knowing we can play so much better, that’s the main thing,” Udoka said. “Didn’t have a great three quarters and kept ourselves in the game, then locked down when we needed to.”

“Basketball is a team sport,” Payton Pritchard said. “We all pick up the slack sometimes. When (Marcus Smart’s) out, we all got to pick up the defensive intensity because he leads us at that end. When he’s out, we just have to pick it up.”

Game 2 is on Sunday at Chase Center.

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