The NBA GOAT Debate, GOAT List, and Arguments by 76ers Top Shot


The GOAT debate in NBA is never-ending. There are several groups that actively take part in the NBA GOAT debate. Most prominently, there is fan debate and arguments, and then there is the player argument. Weighing in on the NBA GOAT debate, who else may know better than the players that have played against the GOAT contenders? Moreover, players that have played a lot of professional basketball and know the game better than the fans have a lot of weight behind their opinion. One such player has recently shared his thoughts on the NBA Goat debate.

Julius Dr. J Irving and his fearless Philadelphia 76ers were the first big postseason opponent for LA Lakers. The 76ers were in a match-up with the greats like Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Magic Johnson, and the rest of the players in LA Lakers in a span of four seasons. The 76ers lost the finals of 1980 and 1982 against LA Lakers and eventually won the NBA title in 1983 after adding Moses Malone to the side.

Whether there is a comparison between the current players or the players that have thrown the towel, a couple of names will always show up. Let’s talk about the current player that has the potential to surpass everyone, LA Lakers’ LeBron James.

LeBron James in the NBA GOAT List

LeBron James will play his 20th NBA season this year and is still going on a serious pace without showing any signs of slowing down. However, when we compare him with his prime form, he has lost the athleticism that once he oozed. Nevertheless, the 37-year-old player is still a gem of talent in the NBA. His stats speak for him.

LeBron James Stats

James has had a total of 15 seasons without an injury with the teams like Cavs and Lakers. However, his luck ran out with an injury when he joined the LA Lakers. He has now missed a total of 26 games in his four seasons in Lakers. With that being said, his average in the last season is solid with a career-best of 30.3 points per game. He boasts 8.2 rebounds and 6.2 assists with shooting splits of .524/.359/.756. So, the stats clearly indicate that he has a lot of gas left in him which may as well set an all-time record for playing NBA regular seasons. NBA Goat stats ain’t it?

The Accolades

James has won 4 NBA titles in 10 NBA finals appearances. He is an 18-time All-Star and has won 4 finals MVP awards in his four title victories. Moreover, he is a 13-time All NBA Frist Team selection, 3-time All NBA Second Team, and 2 times All NBA Third Teamer. His career average is 27.1 points, 7.5 rebounds, and 7.4 assists.


Despite all the accolades and future ahead, Dr. J is of the view that the real NBA Goat is LA Lakers’ Kareem Abdul Jabbar. Cap played a whopping 20-season NBA in an era where the All-Stars could only limp to 15 seasons. Kareem Abdul Jabbar won six NBA titles during his time in the league with 11 appearances in the finals. Moreover, he won a record 6-time MVP Award. Moreover, he won finals MVP almost thrice as in the unjust decision in 1980. Additionally, Cap was named into 10 All NBA First Teams and 5 All NBA Second Teams. He was also 5 times All-Defensive First Teamer and a 6 times All-Defensive Second-teamer. There is more, he was 19-time All-Star. He reigns supreme in UCLA alum’s points tally of 38,387 which makes him NBA’s all-time leader in regular season score. However, James is just behind him.

What About Other Players in NBA Goat List

The other two prominent players on the NBA GOAT list are Michael Jordan of the Chicago Bulls who played as a shooting guard. And, Celtics Bill Russell. Other notable players that follow are Magic Johnson, Wilt Chamberlain, Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O Neal, Jerry West, and Elgin Baylor. These players easily make it to the NBA GOAT List of top 15.

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