The difference between Street ball and Basketball


Did you ever consider that the basketball you play on your outdoor court is probably not the same as the NBA’s? The two sports, basketball and streetball, have their differences. Even though it’s usual for people to include all basketball-related activities under the general term “basketball,” the type of basketball you play on your outdoor courts is probably a variation known as streetball.

Since streetball and basketball share the same fundamental structure and goals, many people are unaware of the differences between the two sports. While in both sports you try to make the basket and keep possession to win the game. The manner in which it is done is more than often quite different. Let’s take a brief look at how is that so.

Street Ball

A variation of basketball known as streetball is played on outdoor courts. The rules differ depending on who is playing and there is far less formality. It shares the same overarching goals and concepts as basketball since, after all, it is street basketball. Since streetball is played outside, it can be played on different types of courts and with a variety of different balls which makes it much more improvisational than a standard basketball.

Basket Ball

Basketball is frequently played in enclosed, purpose-built arenas. There are referees who watch out for any fouls as well as established rules and regulations. Special court surfaces and balls are needed for the players to use indoors, and it is highly regulated and standardized.

Key Differences

There are a surprisingly substantial number of differences in streetball and basketball, even though it is primarily the same sport.

The Spaces

Streetball is frequently played outdoors, on open courts under the stars. The court dimensions can be significantly smaller than a typical basketball court and can vary. Basketball is typically played on platforms that have been specifically created and outfitted in an enclosed space.


The number of players is one of the main distinctions between streetball and basketball. When you play in your backyard, you usually don’t have a predetermined team; instead, you just play with whoever is around. Basketball has established teams, so you typically know your teammates. Streetball teams frequently change, so you probably won’t know who you’re playing for.


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