Steve Kerr’s Regretful Substitution Sparks Tough Decisions for Warriors’ Lineup

Steve Kerr's Regretful Substitution Sparks Tough Decisions for Warriors' Lineup

Steve Kerr’s Regretful Substitution Sparks Tough Decisions for Warriors’ Lineup

Steve Kerr expressed regret over his decision to bench Moses Moody, acknowledging the impact of his choice in a recent game and hinting at challenging choices ahead. Despite persisting with Klay Thompson and Andrew Wiggins amid their rough starts this season, Kerr admitted his error in subbing Wiggins for Moody during a critical juncture against the Sacramento Kings.

Reflecting on his coaching performance, Kerr admitted on 95.7 The Game that he should have retained Moody on the court. Moody’s impressive three-point shooting and defensive prowess were evident, making Kerr reconsider his decision to replace him with Wiggins, who had a standout performance with 29 points and 10 rebounds. However, Kerr acknowledged Moody’s momentum, showcasing his skills with three consecutive three-pointers and an impressive drive and slam.

While Kerr could have also opted to keep Moody in the game over Thompson, he grappled with the dilemma of potentially affecting the pride of core veterans. Despite the recent struggles, Kerr is mindful of the team’s history but acknowledges the current need for performance-based decisions.

The Warriors’ recent string of losses, though not solely attributed to Wiggins and Thompson, raises questions about their consistent performance and guaranteed closing minutes due to their past contributions. Kerr recognizes the readiness of younger players like Moody, Brandin Podziemski, or Jonathan Kuminga to step into more significant roles.

Kerr faces the challenge of balancing veteran status with current performance, contemplating how long to grant Wiggins and Thompson opportunities to find their rhythm. While acknowledging their sporadic good performances, Kerr hints at the inevitability of potential lineup changes and the difficulty in making those decisions publicly.


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