Steve Kerr Praises Austin Reaves at Team USA Training Camp

Steve Kerr Praises Austin Reaves at Team USA Training Camp

Steve Kerr, the head coach of Team USA, has been thoroughly impressed by Austin Reaves’ performance during his time with the team. Reports suggest that Kerr is considering the possibility of promoting Reaves to the starting lineup.

Austin Reaves, a guard for the Los Angeles Lakers, has left a positive impression as a member of the USA men’s basketball team, which is currently competing in this year’s FIBA tournament. Steve Kerr, the head coach of Team USA, has expressed significant admiration for Reaves’ contributions during the training camp. According to Kerr, Reaves has seamlessly integrated into the team, with his skillset proving to be a perfect match for the squad.

“He fits in wherever we put him; that’s the beauty of Austin. He’s a connector. He’s a hell of a basketball player. He’s physical, shoots, and passes it. Just so poised out there all the time. He’s a guy who enhances any lineup that he plays with,” Kerr said.

A Possible Starting Lineup Spot for Reaves

For those who have closely observed Reaves over the past couple of seasons, it is not surprising that Kerr is so impressed with the guard’s abilities. Austin embodies the qualities typically associated with a Steve Kerr-type player: a versatile guard with a high basketball IQ, marked by a focused and composed style of play. It is therefore understandable why Reaves was among the first players to receive playing time off the bench in Team USA’s initial exhibition game against Puerto Rico on Sunday.

In that game, Reaves stood out with 9 points, 4 assists, and 4 rebounds in just 19 minutes of play. His performance was impressive enough that, as reported by ESPN’s Tim Bontemps, Kerr is seriously considering the possibility of promoting Reaves to the starting lineup.

“Just feel, vision, awareness, and understanding of the game,” Kerr added about Reaves. “The ball just goes to the right spot, the right cut is made. Austin made a play yesterday where he made a drive and kick; he was kind of behind the defense, and he worked completely behind the defense, flashed kind of in the middle of the paint, caught it, and swung it through. He had feel; you have to have awareness to make a play like that. So connectors are guys who make those types of plays, and the game just makes sense, and you end up getting open shots.”

Continued Success for Reaves during an Exceptional Summer
From his beginnings as an undrafted rookie to becoming a starter for the Lakers, who reached the Western Conference Finals last season, and now representing the United States in the World Cup, Reaves is having an extraordinary summer. Beyond his on-court performance, the native of Arkansas has also secured a lucrative seven-figure signature shoe deal with the Chinese brand Rigorer. Moreover, he has earned a well-deserved four-year, $53 million contract extension to remain with the Lakers.

The future looks incredibly promising for Reaves, who has only begun to tap into his potential. Having solidified his position by signing a long-term contract with the Lakers and establishing himself as a key player for the team’s future, Reaves’ next step is to make the third-year leap that the Lakers require from him.


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