Stephen Curry’s Teammates Consider him as a Superstar

Stephen curry during the third quarter

Stephen Curry made a point to catch Jordan Poole’s attention after he made a buzzer-beater from midcourt, and the joyful stare down said a lot about the legendary guard’s pride for his rookie partner.

Curry was just as happy for Poole making the 3-pointer from long range as he would had it been him, the great who has more than his fair share of long-range 3-pointers. That’s Selfless Steph, who never lets his pride get in the way of the Golden State Warriors’ victory.

Curry scored 29 points to propel the Warriors to a 107-88 win over the Boston in Game 2 of the NBA Finals. The best-of-seven series is tied at one game each as the series travels to Boston for Game 3 on Wednesday.

He praised Poole for holding his lead heading into the fourth session.

Stephen Curry had his say:

“That was obviously a big shot to get the crowd into it,” Curry added: “Put kind of a dagger on that great third quarter that we had.”

Curry enjoys living in a condition of continuous observation. He keeps his attention and sharply focuses on the present moment.

Coach Steve Kerr said: “I’ve said it many times, Steph reminds me so much of Tim Duncan. When I played with Timmy, there was the same vibe, this incredible, authentic humility and humor, and joy behind the scenes. Then, frankly, a real arrogance on the floor, like ‘I’m the best player out here.’ It’s the perfect kind of leader, someone who you feel comfortable with in the locker room but somebody who you can count on to take you where you need to go on the floor.”

Curry demonstrates humility in how he conducts himself on a regular basis, unconcerned about how many baskets he scores, assists he provides, or arm twists he gets to execute in front of devoted fans who yell “M-V-P!” at every opportunity. He’s enjoying the challenge of guiding the Golden’ new players through the playoffs and afterward.

Curry is back in the finals for the sixth time in eight years, and it’s up to him to lead the Golden to victory. But he’ll be pleased to see Poole make another 39-footer, Kevon Looney smashes the rebounds for second-chance opportunities on the offensive end, or Wiggins take on one of the most difficult defensive assignments in the league, such as protecting Jayson Tatum.

Curry will represent a legendary team of players with two or more MVPs and four championships if he and his teammates win it all again. Green has always liked how Curry rarely lets the spotlight on his personal celebrity detract from the group’s accomplishments, and he doesn’t receive treatment any differently. When events didn’t go as planned during an NBA-worst 15-50 pandemic-shortened campaign two years ago, Curry took ownership.

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