Stephen Curry Responds to Criticism from Mike James with Fun


Although Stephen Curry is one of the coolest NBA players around, he is still aware of the criticism he receives from other players. The 2022 Finals MVP has referred to himself as “the petty King” before, and he keeps acting like it both on and off the court.

Steph addressed his critics after a fantastic series against the Boston Celtics in which he won his fourth NBA title and first Finals MVP. He said that he always pays attention to what people are saying about him and is always prepared to answer.

Mike James, a former Brooklyn Nets player, recently criticized Curry, claiming that his one-dimensional style of play prevents him from being among the NBA’s top five players right now.

“Steph, like how he plays and how he gets stuff off, it’s just kind of one-dimensional at times, if that makes sense. … He’s not the primary ball-handler a lot, and for a point guard that kind of bothers me. But he does score off the dribble, so I mean, he’s a superstar. “When you’re picking your top five, you’re kind of just nit-picking,” said James.

The league took notice of these remarks, but nobody anticipated a response from Curry. During a recent interview with Curry, he once again demonstrated why he is the petty king by making fun of James’ remarks. When he was questioned about how challenging it was for campers to play against and defeat him. He didn’t miss the opportunity to respond with a laugh and poke some fun at that.

It’s all bad for them… Even as one-dimensional as I am… I’m sorry, I’m petty. I’m so petty. “Keep it going, I like that,” Curry replied while laughing.

It was a clear message from Curry, who is still quite cool but will exploit even the smallest criticism to fuel his competitiveness. That helped the Golden State Warriors during the previous season, and with all the noise this off-season, he will be prepared to churn out another spectacular season.

Curry will continue to smash rivals on his quest to win more championships if opponents keep poking him, as the Golden State Warriors recently regained the league’s top spot.

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