Stephen Curry Posts his Hilarious Reaction to Damion Lee’s Game Winning Shot on Instagram


Steph Curry continues to support Damion Lee even while he is no longer a part of the Golden State Warriors on a regular basis. Don’t forget that Damion Lee is Steph Curry’s brother-in-law, so the two are truly related.
On Wednesday night, the Phoenix Suns stunned the Dallas Mavericks by 22 points, and the game-winning shot by Damion Lee was exceedingly difficult. The entire evening seemed unlikely, especially given how defeated the Suns appeared in their matchup with the Mavericks. It goes without saying that Steph Curry was ecstatic with Lee’s game-winning shot.
Curry’s Instagram Story reaction to Lee’s game-winning shot against the Dallas Mavericks was shared late on Wednesday night, and it is safe to assume that the 34-year-old was overjoyed.
Curry yelled at the top of his lungs, much to the displeasure of his wife Ayesha, after witnessing Lee make an off-balance shot along the baseline to give the Suns a two-point lead, 107-105, which ultimately secured the game.

Curry exclaimed that he didn’t care who he was troubling at this late hour while adulating Lee’s shot.
“The kids are asleep! I don’t care — stick with it!” Curry shouted at his phone.
The Warriors star was then almost immediately notified by his wife that he had unintentionally disturbed his kid, Canon, while in a state of joy.
“I’m sorry … Canon is crying,” Curry said. “I woke him up.
Despite Curry’s comical celebration of his brother-in-game-winning shot, the Suns wouldn’t have won without Lee’s assistance.
The Suns outscored the Mavericks 62-43 in the second half after trailing by more than 20 points at the break. In his 20 minutes of play, Lee scored all of his 11 points in the game in the fourth quarter.
Devin Booker, a teammate of Lee’s from the Suns, praised the Warriors team for fostering a culture of success after the game.

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