Stephen Curry Enters Elite Club Based on His Dominance in the Finals

Stephen Curry celebrating the victory

Stephen Curry managed to score 29 points on 9-of-21 gunning down from the field and 5-of-12 from 3-point range in the Warriors’ 107-88 victory against the Boston Celtics in Game 2 of the NBA Finals last night at Chase Center.

Steph has dominated Golden State’s offence in each of the first two games, and then after outstanding shots in Game 2, he has entered an elite club.

Jordan and LeBron would be the two most likely responses if you asked any stat geek who is the legendary player of all time. Those two, along with Steph, have a strong tradition of Finals dominance.

Stephen Curry Final’s career:

26.8 PPG

5.7 RPG

6.1 APG

59.1 TS%

He is 1 of 3 players ever averaging 25/5/5 on 55 TS% in the Finals. The others are LeBron and Jordan.

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