Should the Boston Celtics Draft Ulrich Chomche?

Should the Boston Celtics Draft Ulrich Chomche?
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With the 2024 NBA Draft on the horizon, the Boston Celtics are at a crossroads: do they choose Ulrich Chomche from NBA Academy Africa? This tall 18-year-old has a lot of promise but comes with some potential dangers. Jack Simone and Sam LaFrance, hosts of the CLNS Media “How Bout Them Celtics!” podcast, recently analyzed Chomche’s strengths, weaknesses, and overall potential.

High Potential and Defensive Prowess

Ulrich Chomche impresses numerous people with his natural abilities and physical prowess. With a height of almost seven feet, he has the size and athleticism needed to make a notable difference. His skill at grabbing rebounds and defending the basket is impressive. Chomche, who is only 18 years old, has a huge potential for success. With the right training, he has the potential to be a strong competitor in the NBA.

Chomche excels in defense. He is known for his ability to block shots and steal the ball, demonstrating his versatility and defensive intelligence. His abilities match perfectly with what the Celtics require for a solid defensive presence inside the key.

Raw Talent and Turnover Issues

Nevertheless, Chomche’s game is still in its early stages. He requires substantial improvement in his offensive abilities. Although he can be physically dominant at times, his basketball IQ and decision-making skills need to be enhanced.

One significant issue is his habit of giving away possession of the ball. His frequent change of employees shows a requirement for enhanced abilities in handling the ball and making decisions when under stress. This problem may pose a major risk in the high-speed NBA setting.

Podcast Insights

Jack Simone and Sam LaFrance from the podcast “How Bout Them Celtics!” examined these factors, offering a fair assessment of Chomche’s compatibility with the Celtics. They emphasized his strong physical attributes and defensive skills but also recognized the need for improvement in reducing turnovers and enhancing his offensive abilities.


Ulrich Chomche represents a potential for high gains but also carries a high level of risk. Drafting Ulrich Chomche for the Boston Celtics might result in a rewarding outcome with proper coaching and development. His solid defense and skills in grabbing rebounds could fulfill important needs in the Celtics’ lineup. Nonetheless, the team needs to dedicate time and resources to nurture his natural talent and work on his areas of improvement. As the draft day nears, the Celtics must carefully consider these factors to decide if Chomche is a worthy risk.

For a more in-depth analysis and insights, listen to the “How Bout Them Celtics!” podcast.

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