Shaquille O’Neal with Coyote Rap Duo Reveals Fresh Collaboration

Shaquille O’Neal with Coyote Rap Duo Reveals Fresh Collaboration

Prepare for excitement and brace yourselves for a thrilling revelation. Shaquille O’Neal with Coyote is poised to make waves in the music industry once more. Shaq has made a much-anticipated reentry into the hip-hop scene this year. And the excitement doesn’t stop there – he’s already gearing up for something brand new. Diesel, renowned for his collaborations with prominent figures such as Jay-Z, DJ Quik, Mobb Deep, and Fat Joe, is teaming up with emerging and trendsetting artists.

Shaq Teams Up with Coyote for a Fresh Release

Brothers Guapo Cortés and Ricky Blanco, who donned distinctive animal masks in 2020 and released the talked-about video, “F**k The Wall,” have created a notable presence with their unique blend of satire and hip-hop, all while representing Los Angeles’ Mexican-American culture. Their recent appearance on The KDAY Morning Show delved into their plans for the future, including tantalizing hints about their upcoming projects.

Coyote is actively working on an upcoming release that is bound to make a significant impact. With Guapo and Blanco collaborating alongside none other than Shaquille O’Neal, this venture promises to be monumental.

The name “Coyote” holds profound significance within Mexican-American culture, and the brothers aim to showcase this cultural essence through their music.

The collaboration with Diesel holds immense importance for the basketball-loving brothers. Their journey into the realm of music began after a heartrending loss in a championship basketball game, which led them to channel their emotions into freestyle rapping.

While Coyote has previously collaborated with The Game and Blueface, this new project Shaquille O’Neal with Coyote O’Neal stands as a true highlight. The partnership between both is shrouded in mystery, with details of their project still undisclosed. During their appearance on the KDAY Morning Show, the brothers revealed their plans to shoot a music video with the iconic Los Angeles Lakers legend.

When the show’s host playfully hinted at the possibility of an exclusive reveal, the brothers responded diplomatically.

We don’t want it to be a super-massive public event,” they responded but were willing to make a few exceptions. “We don’t want Shaq to feel uncomfortable either so…”

Shaquille O’Neal with Coyote Latest Collaborative Endeavor

While DJ Diesel has been actively performing at various events, it has been some time since he released new music. This changed in April 2023 when

Shaquille O’Neal with Coyote unveiled his rap track, Th*****s Hit the Floor.”

Coyote surprised fans by introducing a third member to their group, known as the “Yote,” through their official social media channels. “Our aim is to bring Shaq back to the Lakers.”

In the distinct signature coyote mask, the towering 7-footer proudly declared himself as the newest addition to the group. The upcoming production is expected to be a grand spectacle, featuring a multitude of individuals, as the group strives to encapsulate the essence of Los Angeles through their music video.

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