Rumors: Kevin Durant Supposedly Parting Ways with Brooklyn Nets

Kevin Durant

Brooklyn Nets are at the sea as the repair is beyond imagination. The recent rumors suggest that their forward player Kevin Durant is supposedly parting ways with the club for two reasons. After studying every thick and thin of the club. Howard Beck of Sports Illustrated believes that there are primarily two reasons behind Durant wanting to leave the Brooklyn Nets.

“A rocky Nets season that ended in a first-round playoff sweep; and the franchise’s soured relationship with [Kyrie] Irving, his close friend,” Beck said.

The Demise of Brooklyn Nets

What could go wrong with a mercurial combination of superstars, headed by a novice coach and a team that has never achieved anything noteworthy? Ben Simmons will stop playing for you, James Harden will part ways with you, Irving will refuse to do mandates, and Durant will wander for a bright future.

Although Durant shares good relations with Irving, he is in shackles to build a championship team. Irving’s days of being the center for a team to build around are likely past though he can join a squad with another established star. Meanwhile, Durant is not a kid anymore. He is well into his 30s and soon will reach the end of his heyday. If Durant is on the move again, he should be careful with his pickings. He has to go to a team where he can make full use of his skills, such as the Miami Heat or the Golden State Warriors, not the ones like the Nets with a chaotic environment.

Meanwhile, this is the best time for the Nets to push the reset button before making things even worst. They need to make difficult and fruitful decisions to make things happen for the franchise.

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