Raptors Youngster Koloko is Hit Hard, Setting Up a Violent Brawl with the Heat


The Raptors’ rookie Christian Koloko was disqualified from Saturday night’s game against the Miami Heat for the first time in his career following a spearing by Heat player Caleb Martin. In the middle of the third quarter, Koloko and Martin collided while vying for a rebound, and Martin has later assessed a loose-ball penalty. Meanwhile, the Heat forward confronted the 22-year-old rookie as if he had done something wrong after a harmless positioning manoeuvre.

The Internet-Supported Koloko

Meanwhile, Koloko approached the elderly Martin, who towered over him out of self-defence, but as he did, he speared into the chairs behind them. However, the turbulent altercation reached its peak when players from both sides rallied to their teammates’ cause, despite coaches’ attempts to stop their benches from becoming involved. Moreover, after a few heated exchanges, cooler heads ultimately won out, but Koloko and Martin were both sent out for the brawl, even though Martin initiated it. However, naturally, the internet promptly defended the natives of Cameroon.

 Moreover, despite only having played in a small number of NBA games, Koloko was praised for his boldness and maturity in standing up for himself.

The Raptors did make a significant comeback following Koloko’s dismissal, ultimately losing by three despite trailing by more than 20 at one point.


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