Ranveer Singh ‘This Is Basketball’ Bollywood Star Joins Hands with NBA for New Campaign

Ranveer Singh 'This Is Basketball' Bollywood Star Joins Hands with NBA for New Campaign

The NBA has introduced a fresh brand initiative in India named #ThisIsBasketball, featuring Bollywood sensation and NBA Brand Ambassador for India, Ranveer Singh ‘This Is Basketball’ bollywood star joining hands with the NBA for a New Campaign. This campaign is designed to celebrate the spirit of basketball across the nation. A series of videos will be unveiled throughout the year, portraying the diverse basketball community and embodying the core essence of the sport – the court is an inclusive space for everyone.

The inaugural video revolves around Ranveer Singh’s fervor and affection for basketball. The video spotlights basketball enthusiasts from all corners of the country, including Singh himself, sharing their personal connections to the sport and highlighting its values and cultural significance. From personal achievements to forming connections on the court, #ThisIsBasketball brings to light the various aspects of the game that inspire the upcoming generation to partake in it.

The video also casts a spotlight on accomplished Indian basketball players who have made their mark on the court, such as Shireen Limaye and Raspreet Sidhu, former and current captains of the Indian women’s basketball team respectively, along with former India senior men’s basketball player Lalrina Renthlei. The compelling narrative immerses the audience in the raw emotions that unfold on the court – where each shot conveys a unique tale – and the vibrant culture that envelops the basketball realm.

As the NBA Brand Ambassador for India, Ranveer Singh ‘This Is Basketball’ campaign by the NBA. Singh has played a pivotal role in fostering a vibrant community of basketball enthusiasts. Through his support, he has elevated the visibility of the sport, motivating individuals to engage in both playing and watching basketball. This video, showcasing his influential role within the community, serves as the inaugural installment in a series that aims to spotlight the burgeoning basketball momentum in India. This underscores the NBA’s unwavering commitment to empowering and endorsing athletes across the nation.


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