NBA Rumors: The Warriors Exploring Kevin Durant’s Reunion


During a radio interview on Monday morning, Marc Spears, a senior NBA writer for ESCPN said that the Golden State Warriors would be keen to sign Kevin Durant. This means the Dubs are looking for a reunion as KD asked for a way out from the Brooklyn Nets earlier this week. According to the reports, Durant’s preferred landings are Miami Heats and Phoenix Suns. However, the Nets seemed obliged to meet his demand, but Durant has a no-trade clause. So, why would the Nets trade him to somewhere he wants? They will exploit this to the hilt and go for the best trade package they will get from any team in the NBA.

Spears Suggested a Trade  

Although the Warriors haven’t disclosed any trade package for KD, Spears suggests that they can provide the best offer on the table to make the reunion happen. According to his senses, the Warriors trade would be like, the Nets will get Jordan Poole, Jonathan Kuminga, Andrew Wiggins, and James Wiseman in return for KD.

Will KD Return to the Warriors?

Well, the answer is yes, but some believe that Durant’s two NBA championships are pointless because he joined a super team. However, KD did join the team he couldn’t defeat in the Western Conference Finals, but he played a mercurial role in each of those championship teams.

With Brooklyn Nets, he had a chance to prove himself, winning a major title without them. Sadly, things didn’t go as expected for him there, and now Irving has access to the nuclear codes.

Although the Warriors are not the preferred destination for Durant, they are an option just like the other 29 teams in the NBA. The Warriors have an edge here as they share a history with KD and have the best trade option for the Nets. So, the chances are likely that Durant will sign for them again.

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