NBA Rumors: Donovan Mitchell Might have Closed the Deal, Yet no Official Announcement is Made


Donovan Mitchell’s trade is hopefully coming to an end as the Utah Jazz are finalizing things to find him a new home. After they traded Rudy Gobert to Minnesota Timberwolves, the Utah Jazz are working to close the deal for another star, Donovan. He was notorious among a series of teams including the New York Knicks, Miami Heat, and Brooklyn Nets as we discussed earlier.

Has Donovan Mitchell Closed the Deal?

Other resources are highlighting that Donovan Mitchell’s deal is done; however, they haven’t made any official announcement. Many other resources are saying that Utah Jazz has traded him, but no one is able to confirm this insider news till now.

Although it is unknown where he will go next, sources in Utah believe that Mitchell has left as the team is finalizing the announcement of the transfer. In today’s episode of the Jake & Ben podcast, Jake Scott and Ben Anderson discussed Mitchell leaving the company soon but kept his current plans a secret.

“I’ve been receiving texts, as we speak that the Donovan Mitchell deal is done. It’s agreed upon. They’re working on some final details to be announced here shortly. And quote, ‘it’s a haul’. These are just texts, I haven’t confirmed because I just got them right now, but yeah. There are connections there. It’s only a matter of ‘when’, not ‘if’. The ‘when’ could be stretched out, but I’ve been told it’s not.”

However, they are suggesting that the Jazz will receive a substantial return for Mitchell despite the fact that no club was named here. It’s unknown if Danny Ainge really wants seven first-round picks to send Donovan to New York, but that’s what has been reported.

Mitchell has had a lot of interest already, and if the Knicks don’t act, other teams will be prepared to snag him away from Utah to build a strong team that can contend for the championship. This might occur today, so we need to be prepared to watch where Mitchell is going.

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