NBA Rumors: Bradley Beal Might Join Celtics in a Potential Three Way Trade


The Washington Wizards’ All-Star shooting guard Bradley Beal is once again the subject of speculation following yet another setback during the 2021–22 NBA season.

Beal may have stated a number of times that the Wizards will be his team for the duration of his NBA career. However, most people think he would seriously contemplate leaving Washington if they don’t give him a clear route to championship contention this offseason.

Beal has already been connected to a number of teams seeking to win championships in the next NBA offseason in recent months.

Beal to Celtics

The Boston Celtics are one of the top candidates to sign Beal if he and the Wizards choose to cut ties this summer. Because of his strong friendship with Jayson Tatum, the Celtics are regularly considered as a possible landing for Beal.

Given that Beal just decided to opt out of his contract’s final year in order to be an absolute free agency, Tatum would have an easier time luring him to Boston than he did during the previous offseason.

The Celtics would still have to sign and deal with the Wizards in order to sign Beal in the 2022 NBA free agency due to the inadequate cap room.

The Celtics and Wizards might just look into a two-way deal, but they could also seek the aid of a third team to assist in the transaction. This summer, Beal might be traded to Boston in the following three-team transaction worth the Celtics, Wizards, and Charlotte Hornets:

Celtics receive Bradley Beal:

Gordon Hayward, Robert Williams III, Payton Pritchard, Aron Nesmith, two 2023 first-round picks, and a 2025 first-round pick are sent to the Washington Wizards.

Al Horford to Charlotte Hornets:

Beal would have to consent to a sign-and-trade agreement with Boston before they could complete the move, and the Celtics would have to first exercise their club options on Nesmith and Pritchard.

If the Celtics believe they need some more star quality on their squad to have a greater chance of winning the NBA championship title next season, they should look into the proposed three-team pact.

The possibility of Beal moving to Boston would dramatically improve the Celtics’ offence and give them the chance to establish their own “Big Three” with Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown next season, even if it would leave a sizable gap in their frontcourt.

Beal would provide the Celtics with an adequate playmaker, a real three-point shooter, and a consistent scoring option to complement Tatum and Brown.

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