NBA Mascot: Benny the Bull; Why do Fans Love Him So Much?

Benny Bull

For more than 50 years, Benjamin T. “Benny” Bull has served as the mascot for the Chicago Bulls, first at Chicago Stadium (1969–1994) and then at the United Center (1994–present). Like some of the most well-known members of the club, such as players like Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman, and head coach Phil Jackson, he has grown in popularity. Benny has been a part of professional sports and the NBA for the longest of all mascots. Ben Bentley, the first Bull public relations manager and stadium announcer, inspired the moniker Benny. General Manager Pat Williams used Benny as one of his advertising weapons to increase arena entertainment and crowd size for the Bulls.

Benny the Bull became even more of a crowd pleaser after 2004

Benny the Bull was always loved by the crowd for his clever, funny antics and his dunking skills, but since 2004, the mascot has a gone a level above his usual self.

He has received praise for being one of the most well-known mascots of all time, and in 2013 Forbes rated him the most well-liked sports mascot.

The modern-day Benny is well-known for his impressive dancing, acrobatic flips and jumps, numerous dunking tricks, giant popcorn spilling, rappelling from the United Center rafters, shooting half-court shots while facing the opposite way, banging on his drum, using several cans of silly string, interacting with crowds, instances of teasing opposing players (most notably his act of ripping off others’ pre-game warm-up outfits), driving his bike down the stairs.

He frequently performs trampoline dunks with “Benny and the Elevators,” his squad. Two inflatable characters named “Big Ben” and “Benji” make up his current “family.” (Lil’ Benny, who used to appear alongside Benny on the court and in films, had a similar appearance to Benji. The overall look of Lil’ Benny was inspired by the Benny of the 1990s.

Benny is Popular outside the Court as well

Benny’s wild antics have garnered him prominence and attention on a global scale. He’s also been spotted with a variety of famous people, whether it be teasing Justin Bieber or dancing the “Single Ladies” in front of Jay-Z. Benny not only pulls out antics and amuses the crowd at Bulls games, but also represents the team by appearing in front of the public in the Chicago region.

Each year, Benny makes about 250 appearances. He visited schools as a representative of the Bulls’ All-Star Reading Team to spread the word about literacy and the value of education. He might be hired for private functions as well. Benny had also performed on specific occasions as a mascot for other professional sports teams, including the Billings Outlaws.

Wrap up!

The simplest explanation is always the best one and the simplest explanation would be that Benny the Bull is highly entertaining and has a pedigree of enchanting the crowd for decades. The costume has eternalized the concept. People of all ages in the world of Basketball know Benny and feel more at home in his presence, you could say nostalgic even.

The Mascot has so much range and has always made the crowd laugh. He is an integral part of the Bulls legacy and in his absence, things would feel incomplete. He puts a smile on your face even if the team is losing and will continue to do so in the future as well.

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