NBA Introduces Revolutionary LED Glass Court for All-Star Weekend

NBA Introduces Revolutionary LED Glass Court for All-Star Weekend

The NBA is poised to make history during All-Star weekend in Indianapolis by unveiling a groundbreaking feature: a state-of-the-art, full video LED Glass court. Developed by the German company ASB GlassFloor, this innovative glass court will be installed at Lucas Oil Stadium and utilized for various events, including the entire All-Star Saturday Night lineup on February 17.

Enhanced Viewing Experience

This cutting-edge technology promises to transform the way fans experience the game, offering a range of interactive graphics and designs that react in real-time to the action on the court. From dynamic floor designs to changing colors, the LED glass court opens up new possibilities for enhancing the viewing experience both in the arena and on television.

Innovative Design and Composition

Composed of two layers of laminated safety glass, the LED glass court provides a surface that plays almost identically to traditional wood courts in terms of bounce and feel. Moreover, embedded LED panels within the court will display a variety of content, including real-time game stats, replays, video content, and player tracking animations.

Unique Court Designs for Each Event

Each event during All-Star weekend will feature a unique court design, adding an extra layer of excitement and visual appeal to the festivities. The decision to incorporate this revolutionary court into All-Star weekend reflects the NBA’s commitment to innovation and pushing the boundaries of sports entertainment.

Thorough Testing and Preparation

In preparation for its debut, NBA officials conducted thorough testing to ensure the court’s safety and performance. Representatives from the National Basketball Players Association and the league’s executive vice president for basketball operations were among those involved in the testing process.

Setting a New Standard for Sports Entertainment

With the introduction of the LED glass court, the NBA continues to push the boundaries of innovation in sports, setting a new standard for live entertainment experiences. As fans eagerly anticipate All-Star weekend, they can look forward to witnessing the future of basketball unfold on this groundbreaking surface.

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