NBA Icon Criticizes JJ Redick: ‘He’s Stupid’

NBA Icon Criticizes JJ Redick: 'He's Stupid'

Former NBA star and ex-LA Clippers forward, Dominique Wilkins NBA icon, criticizes JJ Redick, the NBA analyst and former LA Clippers player. Earlier this year, Redick stirred controversy with his remarks about Larry Bird. Redick’s comments centered on the physicality of Bird’s era, a point he clarified on his podcast, stating:

“I didn’t disrespect Larry Bird. I questioned the narrative around physicality. I said for every montage video you can show me of Larry Bird being in a headlock underneath the basket, I can show you a montage video of him shooting open jumpers. Of him coming off pin-downs. Yeah, I can show Steph the same way. I can show Steph getting held, I can show Larry getting held. It’s all basketball.”

Redick’s argument primarily revolved around the perception of physicality during Bird’s time. However, some interpreted it as disrespectful. NBA legend Dominique Wilkins strongly disagreed with Redick’s comments and didn’t hold back during an interview with Vlad TV, referring to the analyst as “stupid.”

NBA Icon Criticizes JJ Redick: 'He's Stupid'

Dominique Wilkins NBA Icon Criticizes JJ Redick

“He’s stupid,”  Wilkins stated. “It’s a stupid comment because Larry Bird played in the most physical era ever. He’s 6’10”, almost 6’11”. He was physical himself.”

It’s worth noting that this isn’t the first time Wilkins has criticized Redick for his comments on Bird. Once again, Wilkins made it clear that he vehemently disagrees with Redick’s perspective.


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