NBA Free Agency has Come to an End as a Result of Kevin Durant’s Trade Demand


Kevin Durant’s request for a trade turned the NBA as a whole.

It has now suspended the league. The typical free-agent frenzy has slowed down considerably as more than half of NBA teams have contacted the Nets with trade offers. The league is virtually in a holding pattern as Nets general manager Sean Marks and owner Joe Tsai sort through all those proposals for the cornerstone of their forthcoming rebuilding phase, and fans have begun to eye players like Donovan Mitchell.

The Nets eventually stood their ground after three years of caving in to Durant’s and Kyrie Irving’s demands. They did not offer Irving the full maximum extension, and Durant was allegedly not happy when Adam Harrington, the director of player development, was fired. Durant and Harrington were close during their time together in Oklahoma City.

However, the Nets should not take Durant’s request for a trade lightly. The Nets will receive a sizable return thanks to the four years left on Durant’s contract, but the era of the franchise as a championship team is ended with Durant’s departure.

Conversation over the Twitter

Durant tweeted:

“The ones who were locked in that gym with me know what it is, they know what I’m about,” He further added: “If u haven’t been in there with me, ask around”

Robin Lundberg replied to Durant’s Tweet:

“This is vague and doesn’t address anything directly. We all know you are an awesome basketball player.” He further asked a series of question:

“Do you really want a trade from the Nets? If so, why? Was Kyrie a deal breaker for you? If you do want a trade, do you expect to pick your destination? Thanks!”

Durant simply responded with: “Keep dreaming robin lmao”.

Although it is said that Durant has indicated a preference for Miami or Phoenix in a trade, it is tough to imagine the Heat putting together the strongest offer on their own without the opportunity or desire to include Bam Adebayo. Marks is supposed to choose the arrangement that benefits the Nets more than Durant’s ideal location.

The Nets will collaborate more with Durant and his longtime partner Rich Kleiman than they could with Irving. However, they don’t appear to want to be kept captive by either of them.

The Raptors and Pelicans might be prepared to give us the best packages without the need for a third or fourth team in the trade, despite the fact that the Suns and 76ers are thought to have made strong offers. Mitchell, Adebayo, Karl-Anthony Towns, Michael Porter Jr., Jayson Tatum, and Darius Garland are a few additional celebrities who fall under that group.

According to The Athletic, the Nets requested Anthony Edwards or Towns in response to the Timberwolves’ interest, which suggests they may be open to trade Simmons. If that’s the scenario, it would also make room for Mitchell of the Jazz.

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