NBA Finals: Celtics or Warriors? Let’s Analyze.

Jayson Tatum Eastern Conference Finals

NBA Finals are upon us with Boston Celtics and Golden State Warriors ready to lock horns for the ultimate glory. Both teams are looking in alpha form posing challenges to each other in particular departments. So, which team has the balance in its favor? Celtics or Warriors?

Celtics and What it Needs to Do

The Celtics have a solid defense second to none, no other team in the whole season got closer to the defensive prowess shown by the Celtics. So, the top drawer card that the Celtics have lies in its defense capabilities. However, the collision of a top-notch defense and an offensive juggernaut will be massive. Celtics need to go full throttle to reign in Warrior’s wild and fiery offense.

No team would want to sit its top players in the playoffs and especially the final. Celtics is faced with injury challenges where it had to sit its top players like Marcus Smart and Robert Williams III. Thanks to the ins and outs of players, the Celtics haven’t been quite firing on full cylinders as of lately. Moreover, letting the officials call in the game due to unforced turnovers is something the Celtics need to overcome in the finals.

Finally, again, it is the defense for the Celtics. Celtics need to keep doing what they are already doing in terms of defense or even do more. The key to their victory will eventually depend on the defensive play and stopping Warrior’s scary offense.

Golden State Warriors and the Odds

Golden State Warriors is playing its A-game and on its day it can overcome any opponent. To be honest, the way the Warriors are playing at the moment, it seems that the series will be a one-sided affair with the Warriors sweeping. Moreover, the Warriors also have fewer injury worries for the series as plenty of big names are available for the pick.

The playoff experience counts a lot and the Warriors have plenty of it. This will help them not crack under pressure and brave any situation that occurs during the finals.

Lastly, the offensive juggernaut led by Curry and Thompson is massive as both have played a combo of 82 NBA finals. Celtics on the other hand have no NBA finals experience under their belt.

MVP Prediction: Steph Curry or Jayson Tatum.


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