NBA 2K23 Unveils Gameplay Enhancement


The newest gameplay improvements for NBA® 2K23 were unveiled by 2K today, with a focus on new skill moves, animations, and player builds that offer a more genuine and hyper-real experience.

“We value community feedback when deciding how to bring each version of NBA 2K to life, and this year’s gameplay enhancements reflect many of the changes our community was calling for the most,” said Mike Wang, Gameplay Director at Visual Concepts. “From focusing on how players can attack the basket, to more realistic on-ball defence and a new tiered badge system, all the features we’ve brought to life in the game this year will create a more authentic gameplay experience that is enjoyable for everyone.”

NBA 2K23 Game Trailer


Here are the features:

  • Shooting

The most significant update for this year is the inclusion of shooting qualities, which give each hallmark jump shot specific shooting stats that assist to evaluate its effectiveness. Additionally, there are five additional shot metres available, and 15 more can be obtained over the time.

  • Pro Stick Enhancement

The Pro Stick now has new gesture combos that provide playmakers a tonne of new tools for shooting and managing the ball. Additionally, dunk commands have been updated to prevent players from unintentionally initiating a skill dunk;

  • Adrenaline and Skills

Players now have more options for handling the ball and shooting than ever before thanks to new gesture combos. The idea of Adrenaline Boosts is another innovative feature to stop overdribbling. Once a player’s three boosts have been used, they will no longer be able to perform hard goes or explosive sprint launches, which will cause their speed and acceleration to substantially drop for the remaining of the possession.

  • The Defense

Major updates to the defensive gameplay include ball strips and steals, as well as on-ball defence and shot blocking that are more realistic. This year, blocks have been adjusted to be more realistic, resulting in outcomes that are more predictable when the correct players time their block attempts well.

  • Takeovers

The team takeover has been redesigned, however, the primary and secondary Takeovers are still the same as in prior games. With a single metre shared by the entire team, Team Takeover functions as a cooperative team mechanism. The new design is far more logical and does a better job of capturing what it means to dominate the game as a team and to be hot as a team.


The AI’s ball handling, pick-and-roll execution, defensive tendencies, and coaching decisions have all been modified for the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

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