Minnesota Timberwolves unveil the renovation of Court at Washburn Center for Children as part of their NBA 75th Anniversary legacy project


As a part of the NBA 75th Anniversary Legacy Project, the Minnesota Timberwolves, today, unveiled a refurbished basketball court and sandpit area at Washburn Center for Children in Minneapolis. Washburn Center for Children is one of the state’s major mental health clinics, and the makeover coincides with Mental Health Awareness Month. One in every five Minnesota youngsters will have mental health issues, with barely 20% receiving the treatment they require.

Talking to the media, Washburn Center for Children Acting CEO Craig Warren said, “The partnership with the Timberwolves is so appreciated – especially now, as our community navigates through a mental health crisis. We know it takes our collective community to step up and respond to these increased mental health needs. We’re thankful for how the Timberwolves have embraced children.”

“The Washburn Center for Children provides vital support for our children and youth,” said Timberwolves and Lynx CEO Ethan Casson. “It is our hope that this renovation provides a space that fosters security, inspires dreams, and serves the community for years to come.
The project celebrates the NBA’s 75th anniversary by having teams from all throughout the league renovate courts and play areas in their respective towns.

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