Minnesota Timberwolves are in some “Serious talks” with Nuggets’ president of basketball operations Tim Connelly


The ownership of the Timberwolves wants Tim Connelly to take charge as their new president of basketball operations

Timberwolves ownership is expected to go big in the market, considering they would need the services of a new president of basketball operations. It seems they have a clear target in sight for the specific role, a particular individual who will fit perfectly with the wolves.

According to reports by Athletic, Wolves are seriously considering the name of Tim Connelly, who is currently the president of basketball operations at Denver Nuggets. However, the report suggests that the talks are in a very early stage and there is no imminent agreement between the two sides.

Since taking over as Denver’s primary decision-maker in 2013, Connelly has been pin-point accurate about his draft decisions, drafting two-time reigning MVP Nikola Jokic along with Jamal Murray and Michael Porter Jr. Though Nuggets haven’t reached the status of Title contenders, but are getting closer and are a consistent force in the Western Conference playoff picture.

Timberwolves stakeholder Marc Lore, who along with Alex Rodriguez, is expected to be the majority owner in next couple of years, has already said that he believes his companies should hire and run by the best people and then let them do their work. Considering that, there is a huge possibility that they will land Tim Connelly, as he is regarded as one of the best NBA executives.

Connelly hinted in 2019 that he planned to leave Nuggets at end of the season, but eventually decided to stay. It wouldn’t be a big surprise if he leaves Denver, considering they have a history of losing their president of basketball operations. Only in the past decade, have they lost both Masai Ujiri and Artūras Karnišovas to Toronto and Chicago, respectively.

However, there are some complications in the new desired hiring by the bosses. First, they would need to pay a big compensation, and maybe need to offer an ownership stake in the club. Second is the case of the vice-president of Wolves, Sachin Gupta, who has been running the front office operation since Gersson Rosas was fired on the eve of training camp last September. He and Head Coach, Finch, have a strong relationship, something they believe is built to last.

Head Coach Finch’s strong Endorsement of Gupta

The Head Coach of Minnesota Timberwolves Chris Finch has some strong words in the support of Sachin Gupta, who he believes is the key to making the club contender for the championship. In a statement released by Finch, he said,

“They know that I think he’s outstanding and he’s been a huge reason that we have stability in this organization right now. He’s very smart. We have complete alignment,” Finch said. “The players love him. He’s appropriate in his presence around the team. He’s not heavy-handed with the coaching staff. He does his job. I’m a huge fan, and I’ve advocated for him to have his opportunity to be the guy to run this team. Nothing would make me happier than that. No better time, after this season, to be able to continue to build.”

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