Michael Jordan’s Son Left Amazed by Adam Levine Basketball Skills

Michael Jordan's Son Left Amazed by Adam Levine Basketball Skills

At Michael Jordan’s 60th birthday celebration, various notable figures from different fields were present. One of the highlights was Adam Levine basketball skills, who gave a mini-concert at the event. The 3-time Grammy winner not only impressed Michael Jordan’s wife but also caught the attention of Marcus, Jordan’s 32-year-old son, who is currently in a relationship with Larsa Pippen. Enchanted by Levine’s vocal performance, Marcus praised the singer highly on his social media platform four months ago. Now, the 44-year-old Levine has once again captured Marcus’s interest, but this time for something entirely unexpected.

The United States boasts numerous celebrities with untapped basketball potential, including Adam Sandler, Kevin Hart, and Drake, among others. Adam Levine basketball skills led to his addition to this group. With his smooth shooting technique, Levine could even be considered for a 10-day contract in the NBA!

The influence of the 6-time champion, Michael Jordan, continues to be felt. This was evident during his 60th birthday celebration when he organized a concert featuring Levine. Following some controversial Instagram posts that negatively impacted Levine’s image, his performance at the birthday event helped restore his fame. Among those impressed was Marcus. Although Marcus sang along and danced to the melodious vocals of the ‘Maroon 5’ star, it appears that the 44-year-old has a remarkably smooth jump shot.

In a video shared by a well-known sports media outlet, Adam Levine basketball skills was captured practicing three-point shots with his new look. These were not ordinary stationary shots; they included catch and shoot threes while on the move. Levine executed all these shots with a fluid and polished jump, reminiscent of a professional player.

Levine’s shooting accuracy left even fans in awe. Some even likened him to JJ Redick, a retired veteran renowned for his shooting skills. However, Marcus’s admiration stood out the most.

The Chicago Bulls icon’s son commented, “My boy @arompza3[Rompza] will get you right “. AJ Rompza is a personal celebrity trainer who is currently coaching and enhancing Adam Levine basketball skills.

It’s evident that Marcus was impressed by the efforts of both Rompza and the singer.

One user commented, “Dang I didn’t even know Brodie can hoop, he got a nice jumper too”. A few others commented:

Form a little too pure,” about his mechanics.

Many were taken aback, exclaiming, “damn, this the dude from Maroon 5 ain’t it? Wasn’t expecting this at all

Overall, fans were deeply impressed.“Jumper looks real smooth I’m ngl would’ve thought he played somewhere.

Another individual mentioned, ”Moves like Jager or moves like DBOOK.

Now it’s clear why Levine could secure a 10-day contract! Share your thoughts on his shooting skills in the comments below.


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