Matt Barnes and Derek Fisher: From Feud to Friendship on the Basketball Court


In a surprising turn of events, the contentious history between former NBA players Matt Barnes and Derek Fisher has taken an unexpected twist. The two, who were once embroiled in a highly publicized feud, have found common ground in an unlikely place – the basketball court where Fisher is coaching Barnes’ kids at Crespi Carmelite High School.

The roots of their infamous feud trace back to 2015 when Barnes made headlines for driving 95 miles to confront Fisher at the home he once shared with his then-wife Gloria Govan. Fisher and Govan were romantically involved at the time, raising eyebrows as her divorce from Barnes had not been finalized.

Barnes clarified that his primary concern was the well-being of his children, particularly one who seemed uncomfortable with Fisher. He explained, “I live 15 minutes away, and I was going over to check on my kids because they seemed uncomfortable. That was my main reason for going over there.”

The incident unfolded amid Barnes’ separation from Govan, whom he was married to from 2013 to 2016. Despite the ugly brawl, Govan and Fisher continued their relationship and eventually tied the knot in 2021.

Following the tumultuous episode, Barnes and Govan engaged in a custody battle for their twin sons, Carter and Isaiah. Barnes was eventually granted full custody, while Govan was mandated to complete 26 anger management sessions and 10 parenting classes.

As the legal battles concluded, both Barnes and Fisher worked towards healing their relationship for the sake of the children involved. The priority shifted from personal disputes to co-parenting and ensuring the twins’ happiness.

More than eight years after their highly publicized altercation, Barnes and Fisher have not only buried the hatchet but have also developed an amicable relationship. Barnes expressed happiness for Fisher and Govan when they got married in 2021, highlighting their shared commitment to raising the twins in the best possible way.

“We’ve buried the hatchet, we spoke because they’re still together,” shared Barnes. “To me, it’s about raising these twins the best we possibly can and co-parenting. Now he and I are cool. We’re on the same page. We communicate and see each other when we’re at events. They’ve been to my house for the twins’ birthday, I’ve been to their place.”

The surprising twist in their story unfolds as Barnes’ 14-year-old twin sons, Carter and Isaiah, have found themselves under the coaching guidance of none other than Derek Fisher at Crespi Carmelite High School. This unexpected collaboration on the basketball court adds a unique layer to their evolving relationship and showcases a positive co-parenting dynamic.

The journey from a headline-grabbing altercation to an amicable co-parenting relationship is a testament to the resilience and maturity shown by Matt Barnes and Derek Fisher. Their ability to prioritize the well-being of their children over personal differences sets a commendable example in navigating complex family dynamics.

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