LeBron James in November 2023: Unprecedented Shooting Brilliance in Month No. 88

LeBron James in November 2023: Unprecedented Shooting Brilliance in Month No. 88

LeBron James in November 2023: Unprecedented Shooting Brilliance in Month No. 88

The extraordinary trajectory of LeBron James’ illustrious career in the NBA has seen him amass an unparalleled wealth of experience across countless games, seasons, and varied challenges. As he ventures into his 88th regular-season month, November 2023 stands as a testament to his enduring greatness, particularly in the realm of shooting proficiency.


While the statistics in terms of points, rebounds, and assists are emblematic of his consistent excellence, it’s the sheer efficiency of James’ shooting in November that sets this month apart. In his 21st season, LeBron is arguably showcasing the pinnacle of his shooting prowess.


Throughout nine games this month, the Lakers’ luminary has managed an astounding 61% field goal success rate, a feat echoed only in a few other select months of his storied career: Feb. 2013, Nov. 2013, and Feb. 2017. This distinguished company represents peaks from his Miami and Cleveland tenures, now paralleled in his current form.


Moreover, James has found his mark from beyond the arc, shooting a commendable 44% on 3-pointers, a threshold achieved only in a handful of other months, such as Dec. 2010, Nov. 2013, Feb. 2017, and March 2021. Yet, the November of 2023 carries a distinctive edge, with LeBron attempting an average of 5.6 3-pointers per game, a rate higher than any of those earlier-mentioned months.

These exceptional shooting performances have translated into remarkable advanced shooting percentages. James currently boasts a true shooting percentage of 70.3%, a realm seldom touched by players in a full season, especially without relying predominantly on close-range dunks. His effective field goal percentage has soared to 68.2%, a figure historically unmatched for players taking similar shot volumes.


While James has achieved individual benchmarks across various months, the confluence of these outstanding shooting metrics within one singular period is exceedingly rare. This convergence occurred only once before, in Feb. 2017. However, crucial distinctions emerge when examining free throw accuracy and consistency. James’ current November displays a higher free throw percentage, accompanied by a remarkable consistency in shooting above 50% in every game—a feat not mirrored in previous comparable months.

A critical facet contributing to James’ remarkable efficiency is his discerning shot selection. As he navigates the latter stages of his career, LeBron has exhibited a penchant for high-value shots, with over 74% of his attempts comprising the most efficient shots within his arsenal—2-pointers in the restricted area and 3-pointers.

Complementing James’ brilliance is the Lakers’ improved ability to create space, enabling his performance. While their 3-point attempts remain conservative, the team has achieved league-average accuracy, facilitating an environment where opponents cannot afford to neglect perimeter threats alongside James.

As November progresses, sustaining this exceptional level of shooting may prove challenging. Yet, within the illustrious tapestry of LeBron James’ career, this month resonates as a display of unparalleled shooting prowess. While future games may temper statistical heights, the significance of this milestone in month No. 88 is undeniably a crowning achievement in James’ storied career.


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