LeBron James’ Dream Comes True

LeBron James' Dream Comes True
Image Credit: LeBron James

LeBron James’ long-awaited dream of teaming up with his eldest son, Bronny, in the NBA came true last Thursday. The Los Angeles Lakers made history by drafting Bronny as the No. 55 pick, a significant moment for both the James family and the NBA.

A Father-Son Milestone

Bronny’s choice will make him and LeBron the initial father-son pair to play on the same team in NBA’s history. The Lakers general manager Rob Pelinka expressed that in the upcoming season, a new milestone in NBA history may be achieved by someone wearing a Lakers jersey. LeBron has always dreamt of playing basketball with Bronny, and now that wish is about to come true.

Bryce James’ Perspective

As Bronny gets ready to play in the NBA alongside his father, LeBron, his younger son Bryce has a practical outlook on the possibility of playing basketball with his dad. While on Instagram Live, Bryce was questioned about his opinion on whether LeBron would postpone retirement until after he was drafted. “That’s over the top… he’s going to be 42 dude,” Bryce retorted, rejecting the idea as unrealistic.

Bryce’s Basketball Journey

Bryce, starting his third year at Notre Dame High School, displays promise for a future in the NBA. Having spent two years at Sierra Canyon High School alongside Bronny, Bryce has established himself in the Nike EYBL. He scored a notable 21 points while playing against Cameron Boozer, the son of former NBA All-Star Carlos Boozer. Bryce tallied an average of 7.5 points, 2.8 rebounds, and 1.4 assists in the Nike EYBL, and scored 8.3 points in four matches for Strive for Greatness 16U in the Peach Jam. At 6-foot-4 in height, he holds the No. 22 ranking among California high school players according to ESPN.

LeBron’s Decision Looms

LeBron’s continuation with the Lakers depends on whether he opts for a $51.4 million contract for the 2024-25 season, with the deadline approaching this Saturday. If he remains in Los Angeles, he will end up either as a teammate or opponent of Bronny, depending on the roster composition. Currently, the attention is on the approaching season and the significant event of the James family making a mark in the NBA.

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