Larsa Who Cheated on Pippen With Future is Allegedly Dating MJ’s son Marcus


Pippen’s Ex-Wife Larsa and Michael Jordan’s son Marcus Jordan were Spotted Hanging Out at the Downtown Miami Restaurant on Sunday

Marcus Jordan, 31, the son of the legendary basketball player Michael Jordan, was spotted on Sunday dining with Larsa Pippen, 48, Scottie Pippen’s ex-wife. Their photos went viral in a blink of an eye as this is the first time the alleged couple was spotted together. Many believe that Marcus Jordan and Larsa Pippen are currently dating. The 31-year-old Marcus first met the 48-year-old Larsa when he was considerably younger and she was his dad’s teammate’s wife.

Pippen and Michael Jordan have had some personal issues in recent years but we often hear in the game, Pippen and Michael will remain brothers for what they have achieved together. Over time, all of their past disagreements may have simply faded over time, but Jordan may hold much deeper hate for everything Pippen said about Michael Jordan. Due to his friendship with Jordan, Pippen felt uncomfortable about attending the NBA 75 celebration in February.

Larsa and Pippen parted ways as Larsa was found guilty of having an affair with the married Malik Beasley last year. The Pippens divorced in 2021 after being together for 24 years. Larsa Pippen got married to Scottie Pippen in 1997, she knew Marcus Jordan as a child. The age gap between the two is 17 years; Jordan is just 31 and Larsa is 48.

She and Marcus are two grown adults, and what they do is their own business. However, People will not stop giving remarks about this peculiar couple and making assumptions about their relationship.

While Scottie shouldn’t be concerned about his ex-connections, he might find it difficult to accept it when it involves someone like Michael Jordan’s son.



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