Larry Bird Reflections on Basketball Evolution

Larry Bird Reflections on Basketball Evolution
Image Credit: Larry Bird

The 1986 Boston Celtics, with iconic players such as Larry Bird, Kevin McHale, and Robert Parish, are still considered a standard of greatness in NBA history after winning the championship decisively against the Houston Rockets. The 1980s are often regarded as the peak of basketball, mainly because of the strong presence of teams such as the Celtics.

Embracing Change

Larry Bird, on the other hand, provides a complex viewpoint on the development of basketball. In a New Yorker interview from 2016, Bird was surprised by the game’s evolution throughout the years. “He pondered that the small player might not fit in the NBA.” However, teams now prioritize shooting and spacing, preferring small guards who are capable shooters.

The Rise of Shooting Prowess

Bird is impressed by the current players, recognizing their remarkable shooting skills and the amount of liberty they enjoy while playing. “He noticed that children nowadays are really good at shooting.” “They shoot accurately from long distances, and certain teams make an average of about thirty-three three-point attempts each game.”

Evolving Perspectives

Despite the beliefs of his time, Bird recognizes the development of basketball. “He commented that something new comes with each new decade.” Now players are taking shots from the team logo rather than just the three-point line. Perhaps a four-point line is not too distant to consider.

Forecasting the Future

Bird also anticipates the implementation of a four-point line, which he thinks will enhance players’ abilities and revolutionize the way the game is conducted. “He concluded that the game is progressing.” “Who can tell?” In the next five to ten years, everyone may be aiming for fours.

Larry Bird’s perspectives push against romanticized notions of basketball history, accepting the ongoing evolution that influences the game. While the game progresses, Bird stays positive about its future, ready for the potential opportunities ahead for his beloved game.

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