Lakers Make Changes with Historic Draft Pick

Lakers Make Changes with Historic Draft Pick
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The Los Angeles Lakers are making important changes with historic draft pick during this offseason. Only a week after appointing ex-player and ESPN commentator JJ Redick as their new head coach, the Lakers caused a stir by selecting Bronny James, the son of NBA superstar LeBron James.

Drafted on Merit

Rob Pelinka, the general manager of the Lakers, highlighted that Bronny was chosen based on his own abilities. “Pelinka mentioned in a press conference after the draft that he earned everything he achieved, including being chosen at No. 55 today.” Bronny, aged 19, will team up with his father, 39-year-old LeBron James, in a historic moment as the first father-son pair to play alongside each other in NBA history. Pelinka stated that the upcoming NBA season could potentially see historical achievements being made while wearing a Lakers uniform.

Bronny’s College Performance

Bronny had an average of 4.8 points, 2.8 rebounds, and 2.1 assists in 25 games while playing for USC. Even though Bronny only shot 36.6% from the field and 27% from three-point range, Pelinka acknowledged that his real worth became evident in a pre-draft workout with the Lakers. “Pelinka stated that Bronny’s main quality is his outstanding character.” “And also, he is a hard-working young man.” We seek those characteristics when selecting players in the draft.

High Praise from the Lakers

Pelinka discussed his personal experience with Bronny, highlighting his personality and dedication to hard work. “He showcased those qualities during a successful draft workout with our team.” During the one-hour lunch we had together, it became evident that he was a man with integrity. Pelinka commented that he is not a person who seeks out shortcuts or feels entitled.

Redick’s Excitement

Coach Redick is already developing a strategy to transform Bronny into a significant player. Pelinka stated that it is a privilege for us to include him in our program. “Coach Redick is enthusiastic about enhancing Bronny’s basketball abilities and guiding him towards becoming a crucial player for our team.”

Looking Ahead

The Lakers finished their season with a 47-35 record and were knocked out of the playoffs by the Denver Nuggets in the first round. The Lakers embarked on a new changes in draft and thrilling chapter with the arrival of Bronny James and new head coach JJ Redick, following their 2020 championship victory led by LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

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