LA Clippers’ Reluctance To Include Key Player in James Harden Trade

LA Clippers' Reluctance To Include Key Player in James Harden Trade

It appears that the LA Clippers are showing hesitation when it comes to involving a crucial player in the potential deal concerning James Harden Trade.

While various reports indicate that the LA Clippers are actively engaged in pursuing a trade agreement with the Philadelphia 76ers involving James Harden, their level of determination might not be as strong as some would expect. Insights shared by ESPN analyst and insider Zach Lowe during a recent episode of The Lowe Post suggest that the Clippers are showing a degree of reluctance in offering Terance Mann, draft picks, and potentially even Norman Powell as part of any trade deal related to James Harden.

Lowe went on to indicate his uncertainty regarding the extent of substantial discussions between the Clippers and the 76ers concerning a possible trade involving Harden. Even if the Clippers are genuinely interested in acquiring Harden, this cautious approach seems justifiable. As emphasized by Lowe, there does not appear to be a significant competitive bidding process for the services of Harden at the current moment. Other teams, including the Miami Heat and the New York Knicks, which are anticipated to have an interest in Harden, have yet to present Philadelphia with an offer that aligns with their expectations for the trade value of their star guard.

This situation regarding James Harden trade has led many to anticipate that the process of finalizing a trade deal involving Harden might extend longer than initially projected. The 76ers currently appear unwilling to entertain offers that fall short of their perceived fair return for the trade. However, it seems that such an offer is not currently on the table. As conveyed by Lowe’s statements, the Clippers are well aware of this reality and have chosen a measured approach, refraining from a full commitment to their current offer. By showing reluctance to include Mann, draft picks, and potentially Powell, the Clippers are adopting a prudent strategy given the present circumstances.


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