Kyrie Irving Shrugs Off Hostile Reception in Boston as Celtics Dominate Mavericks in Game 1 of NBA Finals

Kyrie Irving Shrugs Off Hostile Reception in Boston as Celtics Dominate Mavericks in Game 1 of NBA Finals
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Kyrie Irving faced a hostile reception at TD Garden during Game 1 of the 2024 NBA Finals between the Dallas Mavericks and the Boston Celtics. The arena was filled with chants of “Kyrie Sucks” each time the guard missed a shot, and the intensity of the jeers only grew with each of his three turnovers. Despite the animosity, Irving remained unfazed and even made comments that could further inflame the crowd in Game 2.


Speaking to the media after the Mavericks’ 107-89 loss, Irving downplayed the hostile reception environment, indicating he had come to expect such treatment from Boston fans. “It’s basketball at the end of the day. Being in this environment, I’m used to it at this point,” Irving said. “Earlier in my career, there was a different relationship that I had with Boston… I thought it was going to be a little louder in here.”

Irving’s relationship with Boston fans has been tumultuous since his departure from the Celtics to join the Brooklyn Nets. The animosity was fueled by incidents such as stomping on the Celtics’ logo and making obscene gestures towards the crowd. His return to Boston in Game 1 saw him score a disappointing 12 points, shooting 6-of-19 from the field and failing to make a single three-pointer, much to the delight of the Boston faithful.

Irving’s struggles were emblematic of the Mavericks’ overall difficulties in Game 1. The team’s offense sputtered under the relentless pressure of the Celtics’ defense, with only Luka Doncic showing any significant resistance. Doncic managed a 30-point double-double, but his efforts were not enough to keep Dallas competitive.

The Celtics, on the other hand, executed a well-rounded game plan. Their defense effectively neutralized Irving and limited the Mavericks’ scoring opportunities. This defensive prowess was a key factor in holding Dallas to under 90 points. The Boston crowd, known for their passionate support, played a significant role in maintaining the pressure on the Mavericks throughout the game.

In the wake of the defeat, Irving took to Twitter to address Mavericks fans, urging them to maintain their faith. “Tribe, keep God first, and stay together; this mission is bigger than us,” he posted. Irving’s call for unity and faith reflects his belief in the Mavericks’ ability to bounce back from their initial setback.

The Celtics’ comprehensive victory in Game 1 sets the stage for an intriguing Game 2. Boston’s defensive strategy, particularly their ability to contain Irving, will likely remain a focal point. For the Mavericks, adjustments are crucial if they hope to even the series. They need to find ways to support Doncic more effectively and ensure Irving can overcome the Boston crowd’s influence.


The Mavericks will face the Celtics again on Sunday at TD Garden. The pressure will be on Dallas to respond to the hostile environment and make the necessary adjustments to avoid falling into a 0-2 hole before heading home for Games 3 and 4. Tip-off for the highly anticipated Game 2 is scheduled for 8:00 pm ET.


Kyrie Irving’s ability to handle hostile reception environments is well documented, but his performance in Game 1 highlights the challenges he faces in overcoming Boston’s defensive schemes and the crowd’s animosity. The Celtics have effectively turned Irving’s past actions into a psychological advantage, using the crowd’s energy to disrupt his game. This dynamic adds an intriguing layer to the series, showcasing how off-court history can influence on-court performance.

Boston’s defensive mastery was on full display, demonstrating the importance of a cohesive strategy that leverages individual matchups and crowd energy. The Celtics’ ability to neutralize key players like Irving will be crucial as the series progresses. For the Mavericks, the focus must be on tactical adjustments and mental resilience to withstand the pressure and hostility of playing in Boston.

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