Knicks Have Immanuel Quickley Contract Deadline Looming, and the Numbers Say He Could Be Worth Close to $100m

The New York Knicks are facing a decision regarding Immanuel Quickley's contract.

Knicks have Immanuel Quickley contract deadline looming, and the numbers say he could be worth close to $100M

The New York Knicks are facing a decision regarding Immanuel Quickley’s contract. He’s entering his fourth NBA season, which is the last year of his initial rookie deal. He can either sign a new contract with the Knicks before October 24th or become a restricted free agent next summer, meaning the Knicks would have to match any offer he gets from other teams to keep him.

The Knicks don’t want to risk losing Quickley, as he’s a valuable player. Some reports suggest that he might ask for a contract worth around $100 million over four years, similar to what another player, Jalen Brunson, got last year.

Quickley has performed well in his first three seasons. Last season, he averaged almost 15 points per game and shot well from the field and beyond the three-point line. He also improved when he started games.

What’s even more impressive is that when Quickley was on the court, the Knicks consistently played better and won more games. He helped his teammates perform at their best, making the team much stronger.

Quickley is not just an offensive player; he also contributes on defense. He’s not just a scorer off the bench; he’s a starting-caliber point guard who can play on both ends of the court.

While some people may point to a few bad games Quickley had in the playoffs last season, it’s important to remember that he’s still developing and gaining the trust of his coach.

In conclusion, Quickley has been a valuable asset for the Knicks, and he deserves a fair contract. While $100 million might seem like a lot, it’s reasonable given his performance. The Knicks don’t want to risk losing him, so they’ll likely negotiate a contract closer to $80-85 million to keep him on the team. This would be a good deal for both Quickley and the Knicks.

However, if he has an outstanding season, he could get even more money in free agency next summer.


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